Together, we can make every classroom autism inclusive

About the autism ambassadors scheme

The scheme educates students in school about autism and, in turn, the students accept and understand their peers. 

We provide the training and support for schools to implement an ambassador scheme which supports students and teachers to be become allies to the autistic community. 

How our training works

Step 1

Select your training pack(s): 

  • EYFS
  • Primary
  • Secondary 


We attend your school (virtually or in person) to deliver our training course on your selected date

  • 2 hour session
  • post session check in and support

Step 2

Upon completion you receive a 5 week resource toolkit to consolidate your training which include

  • weekly session plans
  • toolkit reflection form

Step 3

Submit your resource toolkit reflection form and receive your completion pack including:

  • completion certificates
  • ambassador badges for 2023
  • discount code for future training 

Booking requests

Virtual sessions can be delivered daily after 4pm and at weekends. If you would like an in person session then please let us know what dates would suit you best.

The people behind Neurodiversity Classroom

Leahanna Tarry

“As a parent of a neurodiverse child myself it has always been obvious that those who are neurodiverse may not have always recieved the support they needed from their mainstream school. It is my passion and my vocation to support and enable neurodiverse people to achieve their full potential without systematic barriers.”

Georgia Williams

“I have been in education for nearly ten years, starting my career as a Learning Support Assistant, working closely with students with ASD. Currently I am a secondary school science teacher and I have always been passionate about making my classroom inclusive to all.”